45 Pretty and Practical Planners for 2019

Shown Above: Wild at Heart 2018-2019 Planner, $34.00, anthropologie.com

I know–we just got done thinking about Thanksgiving. However, 2019 is closer than you think! Pick up one of these adorable and practical planners to make the new year your best one yet.

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Daily Planner Journal, $24.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Mila Planner, $30.00, anthropologie.com

Bordeaux Large Planner, $29.95, papersource.com

Printed Daily Planner Journal, $19.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Planner + Pen Set, $24.00, anthropologie.com

Black Marble Planner, $16.99, target.com

Mint Floral Planner, $36.95, papersource.com

The Five-Minute Journal, $24.95, urbanoutfitters.com

Perfect Planner Notepad, $14.00, anthropologie.com

Navy Watercolor Planner, $29.95, papersource.com

One Snap A Day Instax Photo Journal, $29.00, urbanoutfitters.com

WTF Planner, $25.00, anthropologie.com

Ferns Planner, $34.95, papersource.com

Fluffy Peach Journal, $24.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Catch the Wave Planner, $35.00, papersource.com

Liquid Glitter Journal, $19.00, urbanoutfitters.com

12-Month Spiral Planner, $20.00, anthropologie.com

To Do Planner, $16.97, nordstromrack.com

Dove Grey Small Planner, $19.95, papersource.com

Zip-Around Leather 18-Month Perpetual Planner, $79.95, nordstrom.com

 Chinoiserie Planner, $36.95, papersource.com

12-Month Planner, $30.00, anthropologie.com

Tile Patio Matte Planner, $16.99, target.com

Navy Hardcover Planner, $32.95, papersource.com

Juliet Rose 12-Month Planner, $14.00, anthropologie.com

Ocean Getaway Planner, $14.99, target.com

Luxe Page-A-Day Marble Planner, $49.95, papersource.com

Linen 2019 12-Month Planner, $30.00, anthropologie.com

You Had Me At Aloha Planner, $8.99, target.com

Cactus Monthly Booklet Planner, $22.95, papersource.com

2018-2019 Planner, $38.00, anthropologie.com

Gold & White Planner, $9.99, target.com

Mermaid Party Planner, $18.95, papersource.com

Mini Day Designer, $49.00, anthropologie.com

Blue Marble Planner, $9.99, target.com

Leather Wrap Embossed Eye Journal, $29.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Appointment Planner, $16.00, anthropologie.com

Written in the Stars Weekly Pad, $14.95, papersource.com

Medium Leather Personal Planner, $74.95, nordstrom.com

Succulent Weekly Desk Planner, $18.00, anthropologie.com

Classic Large Hardcover Journal, $19.95, urbanoutfitters.com

Penned Posies Notepad, $12.00, anthropologie.com

Weekly Calendar Pad, $3.99, target.com

Wellness Tracker Calendar, $18.00, anthropologie.com

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