Style Alphabet: Z is for Zara

Shown Above: Floral Print Jumpsuit, $49.90

We’re here! We’ve made it through the Style Alphabet and we’re here at letter Z. Time to celebrate!

Last–but certainly not least–is fashion brand Zara. To me, they’re like a mix of H&M and Topshop. They have fashion forward pieces mixed with structured and traditional items.

A is for ASOS | B is for Bodysuits | C is for Crochet | D is for Denim | E is for Evening Gowns | F is for Festival | G is for Graphic Tees | H is for Hawaiian Print |I is for Iconic | J is for Jumpsuit | K is for Kate Spade | L is for LBD | M is for Medallion | N is for New Look | O is for Off-the-Shoulder | P is for Prints | Q is for Quilted | R is for Raw Hem | S is for Satin | T is for Tie-Front | U is for Underthings | V is for V-Neck | W is for Woven Shorts | X is for Xhiliration | Y is for YellowZ is for ZARA

Blazer With Bell Sleeves, $49.90

Long Floral Print Dress, $69.90

Contrast Lace Top, $49.90

Linen Dress, $69.90

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, $49.90

Short Printed Jumpsuit, $49.90

Contrast Lace Top, $39.90

Floral Print Dress, $39.90

Mini Skirt With Zips, $39.90

Blouse With Lace Details, $39.90

Embroidered Tulle Dress, $69.90

Ruffled Floral Print Bermuda Shorts, $29.90

Dress With Rope Straps, $35.90

Embroidered Tulle Top, $49.90

Embroidered High Waist Shorts, $39.90

Daises Dress, $49.90

Skort With Pearl Details, $35.90


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