28 Pieces To Refresh Your Work Wardrobe For Summer

Shown Above: Via Floral Print Shirt, $51.00, asos.com

Now that we’re adults, summer vacation really isn’t a thing anymore. Don’t be too disheartened, though! You can still look cute and summery–all while shuffling papers and answering telephone lines.

Read more about refreshing your work wardrobe, work items you can get from Forever 21, and how to create a work capsule wardrobe.


Floral Print T-Shirt, $51.00, asos.com

Ruffle Sleeve Top, $55.00, asos.com

Mango Rib Choker Detail Top, $29.00, asos.com

Polka Dot Applique Top, $35.00, forever21.com

Embroidery Stripe Skirt, $76.00, asos.com

Ruffled Sleeve Top, $58.00, anthropologie.com

Sleeveless Top With Peplum Hem, $32.00, asos.com

Cropped Shirt In Floral Print, $40.00, asos.com

Embroidered Halter Top, $148.00, anthropologie.com


Sateen Prom Skirt in Floral Print, $87.00, asos.com

Pleated Midi Skirt With Wrap Front Detail, $48.00, asos.com

Leather Trim Pencil Skirt With Gold Detail, $64.00, asos.com

Metallic Jersey Pleat Skirt, $65.00, topshop.com

Tianna Skirt, $138.00, anthropologie.com


Lace Frill Hem Smock Dress, $57.00, asos.com

Floral Printed Skater Dress, $60.00, asos.com

Pencil Dress With Scallop Sleeve, $83.00, asos.com

Lanai Beaded Dress, $188.00, anthropologie.com

Knit Shift Dress, $59.00, nordstrom.com

Religion Smock Dress, $127.00, asos.com

Deep Plunge Midi Dress, $72.00, asos.com

Embroidered Tunic Dress, $188.00, anthropologie.com

V-Neck Shift Dress, $59.00, nordstrom.com


Crew Neck Cardigan, $46.00, nordstrom.com

Longline Vest, $24.90, forever21.com

Front Shawl Collar Blazer, $74.00, nordstrom.com

Metallic Suit Jacket, $130.00, topshop.com


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