What I’m Loving On Pinterest Right Now

Half a year has gone by since I let you guys know what my current Pinterest obsessions were. Don’t worry, though–I’m back with more.

Dramatic Entryways

Who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful home–with an over-the-top entrance? I’ve been spending tons of time looking at dream homes with dramatic entrances. There’s a whole board dedicated to entryway ideas, which you can follow here.

Quick (And Mostly Healthy!) Lunches

I’ve been on a diet for about a month now. As anyone who has ever been on a diet knows, boredom can set in quickly. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for new lunch ideas that I’m able to take to work, instead of settling for a steady rotation of bland wraps, salads, and chicken. Next up on my list to make are these Roasted Chickpea Gyros, this Mandarin Orange Spinach Salad with Chicken and Ginger Dressing, and this Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti.

Vegas Fashion

This June, I’ll be taking a trip to Vegas. I’ve been to Sin City about 5-6 times, but not once since I’ve been older than 21. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this trip! I’ve been searching the Pinterest for great clubbing clothes, normal summer clothing, pool party outfits, and basic packing lists.

Neutral Nails

I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to the nail salon and got my nails done. However, I have to be a bridesmaid in less than a week (ahh!–where did the time go?). Neutral nails are not only super trendy right now, they’re perfect for a wedding. From blush to nude to pink to taupe, there are so many colors to choose from. Here’s a whole board with wedding nail ideas. Some are subdued, some are not, but there’s a little bit for everyone.

Modern Backyards

Clean lines and greenery balanced with plenty of concrete and wooden elements are the recipe for my dream backyard right now. The simpler the better. Some home and yard inspiration can be found here.


This probably has something to do with me being on a diet, but I have never wanted to become a baker more than now. While dreaming of my KitchenAid Mixer (one day!), I’ve been adding recipe after recipe to my baking board. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try Chocolate Banana Bread, Fresh Strawberry Cake, or Chocolate Covered Cannoli Cupcakes?

Bridal Makeup

Since I am having my makeup done for this wedding as well, I have been given the liberty to choose how I would like it to look. Much like the nails, I am searching for a more natural look. I don’t want to look too glamorous or over-the-top, since this is a laid-back beach wedding. Get some more inspiration here.

Front Porches

Sigh. Beautiful front doors are everything to me right now. Who wouldn’t want the entrance to their home to look like one of these gorgeous options above? Pottery Barn has a whole board dedicated to beautiful front doors.

Note: All pictures link to their Pinterest source. Please click for more information, details, recipes, and more.

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