Style Alphabet: W is for Woven Shorts

Shown Above: Runner Shorts In Paisley Ruffle, $28.00,

One of my true loves, woven shorts are what Spring and Summer are all about. They’re fun, breezy, and make any outfit interesting. Pack them in bunches for vacation or wear them around the house like upgraded pajama shorts.

A is for ASOS | B is for Bodysuits | C is for Crochet | D is for Denim | E is for Evening Gowns | F is for Festival | G is for Graphic Tees | H is for Hawaiian Prints | I is for Iconic | J is for Jumpsuits | K is for Kate Spade | L is for LBD | M is for Medallion | N is for New Look | O is for Off-the-Shoulder | P is for Prints | Q is for Quilted | R is for Raw Hem | S is for Satin | T is for Tie-Front | U is for Underthings | V is for V-Neck | W is for Woven Shorts

Lotus Printed Shorts, $58.00,

Paperbag Short, $46.00,

Satin Shorty Short, $49.00,

Desert Spot Shorts, $60.00,

Dolphin Hem Shorts, $10.00,

Shorts With Pom Pom Hem, $25.00,

Ellis Shorts, $68.00,

Satin Short, $17.99,

Gingham Frill Shorts, $60.00,

Culotte Shorts, $15.50,

Cherry Print Smocked Shorts, $14.90,

Lace Trim Soft Short, $34.95,

Plain Flippy Shorts, $50.00,

Woven Soft Shorts, $22.00,

Floral Woven Drawstring Shorts, $10.90,

Ruffled Shorts, $68.00,

Embroidered Hem Shorts, $14.00,

Crushed Velvet Runner Shorts, $35.00,

Terry Boxer Short, $39.00,

Shorts With Frill Detail, $43.00,

Embroidered Short, $19.99,

Tie-Dye Ombre Smock Shorts, $17.90,

Embroidered Woven Shorts, $17.90,

Cutwork Crochet Shorts, $48.00,

Embroidered Shorts, $14.00,

Pom Pom Trim Shorts, $60.00,

Z&L Europe Floral Shorts, $45.00,

Belted Linen Short, $31.00,

Flutterfly Short, $29.00,

Graphic Print Tassel Shorts, $28.00,

Soft Short, $29.95,

Starburst Ruffle Beach Shorts, $41.00,

Florine Shorts, $68.00,

Vale Short With Fray Edge, $113.00,

Crochet Waist Short, $29.95,

Floral Shorts With Lace Hem, $38.00,

Smocked Short, $17.99,

Crushed Velvet Short, $12.90,


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