32 Over-The-Top Glamorous Pieces Of Jewelry For When You Need To Make A Statement

Shown Above: Crystal Drop Earrings, $78.00, nordstrom.com

What elevates a Girl’s Night Out look to something amazing? Your accessories! Try any of these sparkly and bold jewelry pieces to take any look to another level.

Rhinestone Royalty Statement Necklace, $32.00, charmingcharlie.com

Kaylee Collar Necklace, $188.00, nordstrom.com

Leaf Headband, $28.00, asos.com

Light Up The Night Bracelet, $10.00, charmingcharlie.com

Crown Post Earrings, $32.00, anthropologie.com

By The Seashore Bib Necklace, $26.00, charmingcharlie.com

Fishnet Bikini Body Chain, $10.90, forever21.com

Gia Layered Bib Necklace, $88.00, anthropologie.com

Faceted Marquis Bracelet, $22.00, charmingcharlie.com

Faux Pearl Layered Choker, $8.90, forever21.com

Crystal Collar Necklace, $68.00, nordstrom.com

Open Chain Delicate Choker Necklace, $21.00, asos.com

Princess of the Palace Bib Necklace, $24.00, charmingcharlie.com

Rhinestone Chainmail Choker, $9.90, forever21.com

Amazon Bib Necklace, $68.00, nordstrom.com

Lemon Drop Ring, $14.00, charmingcharlie.com

Webbed Body Chain, $7.90, forever21.com

Word Drop Choker, $18.00, topshop.com

Sparkling Hand Chain, $16.00, charmingcharlie.com

Flat Chain Choker, $6.90, forever21.com

Crystal Statement Choker, $49.95, nordstrom.com

Snake Brooch, $15.00, topshop.com

Empire Statement Necklace Set, $20.00, charmingcharlie.com

Circle Link Bralette Body Chain, $20.90, forever21.com

Boy Bye Midi Ring Pack, $15.00, topshop.com

Rhinestone & Pearl Necklace Set, $24.00, charmingcharlie.com

Rose Gold Flower Headband, $23.00, asos.com

Absolute Sparkle Collar Necklace, $88.80, nordstrom.com

Rhinestone Body Chain, $14.90, forever21.com

Pave Rows Choker Necklace, $24.00, charmingcharlie.com

Faux Pearl Collar Choker, $8.90, forever21.com


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