Easy Nail Polish Necklace DIY Tutorial


Here’s an old DIY that I did with a friend last summer. We found inspiration through a variety of Pinterest posts. This galaxy necklace DIY is pretty, but more advanced than our project. Still, it’s a great starting point for this project.


  • A chunky piece of costume jewelry (or any jewelry that suits your taste)
  • Nail polish (I used 2 shades of Essie)

I wish I had a before picture of the necklace I bought for this project. It was a lime green, gold, and black clearance necklace from Wal-Mart (which cost $0.99). It was truly atrocious and in desperate need of a makeover. This necklace from Wal-Mart was available when I purchased my necklace, but I opted not to spend $8.95 in case my project went awry. I think this would be a good option for this particular project, though. Plus, using nail polish, you could personalize it to your taste and style!

I found it helpful that my stones were set into metal facets, which helped keep the project clean and hide any rough edges of paint. I also chose Essie because of the thick properties of the nail polish. I’m not sure how a cheaper or more sheer nail polish would do.


Guys–that’s it. That’s the whole project. I painted the lime green with the dark nail polish shade (to make sure it was hidden) and I painted the black stones with the lighter purple. I did about two coats.


I was worried the finished product would look like it was covered in nail polish, but that definitely wasn’t the case! It just looked the gems were originally that color. I would surprised by the success of this particular DIY project and would highly recommend it to those with large costume jewelry that need a second life.


I’m definitely considering doing this project again. I have a lot of jewelry that is either worn out or out of style, but a few coats of paint would do the trick!

Here are some more nail polish necklace DIYs to give you inspiration!

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