Spring Break 2017 Capsule: How To Pack Light And Look Stylish On Vacation


Spring Break is right around the corner and packing for a week-long vacation can be a challenge! It’s important to pack items that can be worn together (check out some additional light packing tips here). While my Spring Break 2017 Capsule shown above may be a slightly larger travel collection, it’s still somewhat compact for a week-long trip.

Here’s what is included in my Spring Break Capsule:

  • 5 Shirts (4 for everyday wear, 1 for going out)
  • 5 Bottoms (4 for everyday wear, 1 for going out)
  • 3 Dresses/Rompers (2 for everyday wear, 1 for going out)
  • 1 Jacket/Sweater
  • 1 Pair of Pajamas
  • 4 Pairs of Shoes (3 for everyday, 1 for going out)
  • Beach Accessories (Swim Suit, Cover-Up, Towel, Tote Bag, Hat, Sunglasses)
  • 2 Bags (1 for everyday, 1 for traveling)
  • Accessories (3 pieces of jewelry, 1 hair accessory)

For seven days of travel, you have 13 pieces of clothing (not including your jacket or pajamas). These can all be mix and matched into various outfits and I’ve put a few together for you already. However, feel free to experiment outside of the box and realize the potential of all these pieces. Any combination of pieces will create an outfit for another day–just don’t be afraid to repeat clothing items!

The capsule above is another example of the sort of beachy capsule I’m aiming for. This one is much fancier, but still has the same idea of packing light.



I don’t know about you, but I love being comfy and cozy when travelling. Whether you’re jumping on an airplane or embarking on a long road trip, being comfortable and stylish are important. Try a fun graphic tee with a stretchy pair of leggings. A utility jacket not only keeps you warm, but also turns your outfit from drab to fab. Slip on your comfiest pair of sneakers to brace for all your walking. A scrunchie is not only fun, but it also keeps your hair out of your face. A leather backpack will keep all your necessities within reach (check out this post about carry-on essentials for your travels).



When you get to your destination, you’ll probably be getting to know the area! A basic pair of jeans with a t-shirt never go out of style. Don’t even switch out of those sneakers you were wearing earlier. Grab a small crossbody bag to hold just the essentials and a bright pair of sunnies to shade yourself from the tropical rays.



Okay, there’s definitely some partying involved in vacation, right? A crop top paired with a leather mini skirt are sexy and ultra-cool (plus, your crop top can do double-duty when paired with a pair of high-waisted shorts the next day). A strappy pair of sandals, a trendy choker, and a pair of classic stud earrings complete the look.



We all know the whole point of vacation is long, relaxing days at the beach. A fun swimsuit (whether a bikini or a trendy one-piece) paired with a simple cover-up will have you looking cool. A floppy hat protects your face from the sun and cute sandals make traipsing through the sand a breeze. Grab your sunglasses again (of course) and don’t forget the bling! How often do you get to wear anklets? The answer is: rarely. So pick up a sparkly anklet, a bright beach towel, store all your necessities in an oversized beach tote, and you’re good to go!



Another day, another outing! A pretty floral dress paired with beachy wedges give you an effortless vibe that’s also put together. Your crossbody bag and studs are all you need to finish off this look.



Channel your summer vibes with an off-the-shoulder top, high-waisted shorts, and sandals. Your beach necessities make a reappearance today–the hat, the sunglasses, and the anklet–as well as your trusty bag.



A girl’s gotta eat! Impress your friends/lover/strangers with this getup. A strapless bodycon dress with nothing more than sandals and a choker are an easy, alluring look. Add your utility jacket if things get a bit too chilly.



This one’s easy, right? Pick up a cute pair of pajamas that truly make your vacation feel like the relaxing adventure it’s supposed to be. Most of us aren’t put together enough to wear PJs at home–so do yourself a favor now.



Brunch is an inevitable part of vacation. It’s something you don’t have time to do in your regular, everyday life, but you definitely scheduled it in for Spring Break! A flowy maxi dress, wedge sandals, sun hat, and earrings are the perfect look for brunch (and for Spring!).



I’m a huge fan of cotton shorts. This pair is beachy and casual, but looks pulled together with an off-the-shoulder top. Choose either a scrunchie or a hat for your hair (depending on your mood and whether or not you plan to hop on a plane wearing this outfit). Sneakers, sunglasses, and a choker turn this look a bit more glamorous. Your leather backpack carries all your essentials, while also functioning as a fashion statement.

Bon Voyage!



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