Troop Beverly Hills: The Bachelorette Weekend That Went All Wrong (But Also All Right)


If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know I don’t spend much time talking about myself or my personal life; it’s just not my blogging style. However, this past weekend in Beverly Hills has been truly magical and I’m here to tell you a bit about it.


If you’ll remember from this post, our Friday adventures were immediately put on hold due to severe weather in the Los Angeles area. If you thought our original plans couldn’t get ruined any more dramatically than they already had been–you were wrong. Not only was our original flight cancelled, our Malibu Wine Safari plans were also cancelled (no giraffe tour for us).

Once we arrived in Los Angeles (over an hour later than expected because we were literally trapped on the airplane, sitting on the tarmac–because LAX is a perpetual mess), we made our way to our Airbnb. It was an adorable, vintage apartment which was circa-1920s (or at least it looked like it). One of my friends and I immediately made our way to Hansen’s Cakes to pick up a custom-made Bachelorette cake. They do lots of custom cakes for celebrities, so it was fun looking at all their pictures on the wall.

The cake and the Bachelorette swag (all Troop Beverly Hills themed) turned out adorable and oh-so-cute! It was also delicious and way too much cake for only four girls.


Our next step after picking up the cake was to head to our safari, which was no longer happening. Fortunately, we had alternate plans to go to Universal Studios Hollywood instead. I was actually really excited about the theme park plans because I had never been to Universal Studios before (we all know my loyalty to Disneyland).


We had front of the line passes which changed the game. It made hopping on rides a breeze, even though the park wasn’t too crowded due to bad weather anyway. Obviously, the greatest part of the whole park was Harry Potter World. It was so fun to see the magic of the books and movies come alive. Of course, I wanted to buy every souvenir around. The wands were beautiful and the sweatshirts were to die for, but I managed to avoid spending my entire paycheck on tchotchkes. The whole area was so well-themed and very detailed, which is the stuff I live for at theme parks. It’s what makes the entire experience magical (pun intended).


It briefly rained on us (like pouring!), but overall we avoided bad weather. I don’t have any good quality photos from the Studio Tour, but it was definitely one of my favorite parts of Universal Studios. It was so cool to see the sound stages where TV shows were filmed, old movie sets, and even experience some special effects (which actually scared me half to death!).

This video is extremely long and a bit shaky, but you can watch it below. The part that freaked me out is at 30:31 in the video. I don’t like feeling like I’m going to die in an enclosed space! Once you realize everything is special effects, though, it turns from frightening to interesting. The things they can fake are absolutely amazing.

We had all been up since about 5:00 AM that morning, so we were all exhausted. We left Universal Studios at around 7:00 PM and unanimously agreed that we were not going to be getting dressed up to go out to a fancy and sophisticated dinner. Instead, we headed to the local Ralph’s and stocked up on pizza rolls, chips, champagne, wine, bread, cheese, and frozen pizza. It was a far cry from our original plans, but was a tasty dinner nonetheless.


As with everything that had been planned, our attempt to make it into 1Oak West Hollywood was unsuccessful. We ended up leaving our Airbnb way later than planned and the club was very exclusive–even to the point of being flat-out rude and horrible. We ended up at a gay bar called Flaming Saddles and honestly it was the best night of my entire life. Well, maybe second best after my One Direction concert, but you get the point. It was so much fun. I think we had way more fun there than we would have had at any other club.

Our plans for brunch? You guessed it–that also didn’t happen. We all slept in until about 10:30 AM, so we ended up on a wild Uber adventure to Starbucks. We tried three different addresses until one was actual real. It was the best coffee and breakfast sandwich I had ever had in my life.


We spent a good chunk of the afternoon scouring the area for the most Instagram-able places. We had a mini photoshoot at each one and it was a blast.


No one wanted to partake in my shrub photos, but they turned out cute!


Here’s some more pictures, in case you’re not sick of my face already. They’re so totally cliche LA and I love them for that reason. How often do you get to mess around with your friends for four hours, taking random pictures on the streets of LA?


It started to rain, so we traveled to Rodeo Drive to check out the beautiful stores there. We had some Lauderee Macarons, which were fantastic. It was the cutest little shop ever. I picked up some gourmet candy at Sugarfina, including some gummy stout pints for my boyfriend. I went into an actual Diptyque store, you guys. I’ve talked about my love for these candles several times [1|2] so I was so excited to see a store! I have had them in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time, but I was hesitant to purchase a $60+ candle when I had never smelled them in real life. Fortunately, I was able to do just that in Beverly Hills.

I would highly recommend Baies and Roses, by the way.

We went to this adorable Italian restuarant for dinner, where we all utilized our brunch outfits that had been neglected that morning. The rain came back that night and stayed until we left the next afternoon. Our flight was delayed by about two hours, but we didn’t have too much trouble occupying ourselves in the airport. However, this is my second reminder to you guys that LAX is the most congested airport ever (not a fact, but it feels like one).

20170219_152454-1edit 20170219_154321-1edit

Even though absolutely nothing went as planned, it still ended up being the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to do a girl’s trip like this again!



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