23 Ways To Wear Thigh-High Socks

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to style fashion-forward trends (or even spice up boring styles like a white t-shirt), but with a little inspiration, you’ll be rocking your thigh-high socks in no time! I definitely wrote a very similar post years ago on my previous blog, but I’m here to give the over-the-knee trend some new life!

1. With a big, slouchy cardigan

Socks = Cozy. That doesn’t mean skimp on coziness elsewhere! A cute mini dress is easily warmed up with sporty thigh-high socks and a chunky boyfriend cardigan.

2. Wear them like you would a pair of regular socks!

After all, they are just socks! A sweater, shorts, and booties seems like a normal everyday outfit. But, when you throw in some ultra-high socks, everything becomes just a little bit more interesting. Here’s a pair of socks and some adorable booties to match.

3. With your pajamas, obviously

The best kept secret in loungewear is comfy sleep shorts and pretty thigh-highs. For those of us with thicker thighs, here are some great plus size over-the-knee socks.

4. With warm-weather clothing in between seasons

You’re dressed for summer by day, but as night falls–you need a jacket. Or, skip the jacket and choose your thigh-highs! Here’s a classic pair of over-the-knee socks and some chunky booties.

5. With a classic t-shirt dress

Over-the-knee socks were designed to be paired with t-shirt dresses. The ultra-tall and ultra-short combo work well together to offset too much bare skin. Here’s a simple t-shirt dress and a fun brimmed hat to amp up your look.

6. Get a lacy pair to spice up the trend even more

If you want to avoid the overdone plain black over-the-knee sock, why not opt for a lacy patterned one? It’s very much bringing lingerie outside of the bedroom, but when toned down with denim shorts and a plain t-shirt, it’s a fun and exciting look.

7. With your regular summer clothes

Who says socks are only used to keep you warm? They can definitely be used simply to make a basic look more interesting. I love the combination of thigh-high socks with a graphic tee and high-waisted shorts.

8. Underneath your knee high boots

A more subtle way to test out the thigh-high trend is to layer them beneath your knee-high boots. You’re more than familiar with rocking the tall boot trend, so why not stretch even further with some ruffled socks? A swing dress also looks pretty and feminine with this look.

9. With plain ol’ denim

I touched on it earlier, but really–pairing your tall socks with simple denim is the easiest way to rock this look. If you’re trying to ease into the trend, this is a winning combination you really can’t go wrong with. Here is a cute pair of denim shorts to get you feeling inspired.

10. To add some edge to a super feminine outfit

Sometimes you can feel overly girly when you get dressed up. While thigh high socks still look pretty and polished, they add a touch of grunge to your look. I love the cropped sweater and skirt combination in nude pair with the black boots and socks.

11. Over a pair of cute–but not totally warm–tights

Layering your socks over tights is a great way to add interest to your look while also adding warmth! During the colder months, pretty tights are typically banned in favor of boring, warm ones. But now you can have the best of both worlds!

12. As your casual, everyday wear

A casual day at school or work can utilize over-the-knee socks as well! Not matching your socks to your shoe color creates a more simpler, everyday look. The marled cardigan and mini dress create a cute–yet also cozy–outfit perfect for fall and spring.

13. To keep you warm in your ultra-sexy girl’s night attire

The opposite effect of spicing up a boring look–the knee-highs here are meant to tone down a sexier look! If you’re going out with your friends and it’s freezing outside, you don’t want to be forced to choose between style and comfort! Find a sexy dress and some super-warm socks to create this look.

14. For the office (depending where you work!)

Now, this look may not be appropriate for every job out there. But a pencil skirt and a conservative top give thigh-high socks an honorary place in the office.

15. Flannel + Over-The-Knee Socks = A Winning Combo

You can’t go wrong with this classic combo. Pick up some plaid and a cropped t-shirt and you’re good to go.

16. With a beanie

I am loving this cozy look with simply a skater skirt, oversized sweater, and a chunky knit beanie.

17. For the warmest look ever, wear them with your wellies

This is another of the simplest looks to recreate. You wear your rain boots all the time! Now just layer some socks between your boots and leggings and you’re good to go.

18. With your open-toed heels and a sweater dress

The oversized sweater dress is adorable and stylish; the open-toed heels add a vintage vibe to this outfit. Together, this look is sophisticated without being stuffy.

19. Like a school girl

Okay, you had to know this particular look was going to pop up on this post. Look like you just stepped out of Gossip Girl when you pair your socks with a plaid skirt and elegant coat.

20. Go sporty with sneakers

The varsity blues aren’t far away when you pair an athletic sock with some classic sneakers.

21. Pair with a (mostly) monochromatic look

I am in love with this all-black (minus the kimono) look. It is trendy and oh-so-cool. A simple crop top and high-waisted shorts will leave you looking so L.A. all year round.

22. Channel your inner 70’s with a striped sweater and Mary Janes

A funky sweater and some ankle-strap flats will have you looking Woodstock ready in no time.

23. With your boots, coat, and, well…not much else

Hey, I’m not saying go naked during date night (at least not in public)! But a mini dress, beautiful coat, and some sexy boots are all you need to impress your man. Or hey, impress yourself.

2 thoughts on “23 Ways To Wear Thigh-High Socks

  1. I kinda like the look with black thigh highs and jean shorts and the gossip girl one, something I can defintely experiment on myself. I personally have given up wearing pantyhose since I discovered thigh highs and I hope you do more posts like this in the future. Also I read this interesting and simple infographics on comparisons on thigh highs and pantyhose and it explains everything that I worried about thigh highs. Hope it’s helpful! https://www.viennemilano.com/blog/a-thigh-high-hosiery-infographic


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