Style Your Coffee Table: 11 Easy Ways To Make A Statement

You could pile old magazines and stacks of clutter on your coffee table. Or, you could make a stylized statement.

1. Trays keep everything contained

It doesn’t matter if you love mirrored trays, wooden trays, embellished trays, painted trays, DIY trays, square, round, oval, hexagon, marblealuminum, acrylic, copper, modern, rustic–whatever works for you. But they keep your pretty decor in one place. And, when you need to use the entire coffee table, you can easily clear away your decorations without being too lazy to ever put it back in place.

2. Simple accents tie the decor of a room together

You don’t need to put tons of decorative elements on your coffee table in order for it to make a statement. A few simple touches, such as this trio of vases, adds just enough interest to make your table beautiful. This pair of farmhouse pitchers from Pier 1 is a good choice to complete your table.

3. Use art as coffee table embellishment

What easier way to avoid cluttering your coffee table than adding art? You won’t want to throw piles of junk on top of pretty dimensional pieces of art! Try getting a shadow box cutout of your state or try these framed geodes. This type of art is not flat, which adds interest to your room.

4. Add a pop of color with a floral arrangement

There is no easier accent to add than flowers. Even though the room shown above is neutral, the flowers brighten up the entire room. Real or fake, it’s an easy accent that you can change as often as you want. Try mini succulents, a trio of orchids, roses, a single vase of orchids, a white winter arrangement, this peony collection, or another vase of roses.

5. Keep the color palette coordinated

Over-the-top decoration isn’t always better! Stick with one simple color palette–like the pink and white shown above. Elegant candle sticks complete the look.

6. Have tons of eclectic accents and varying textures

Remember what I just said about simple decor? Take it the opposite direction and choose fun and funky accent pieces. Z Gallerie has dozens of fun accents to choose from: a giraffe, skull snow globe, amethyst on a stand, an ornate jar, a nesting sphere, a standing Buddha statue, a ceramic pug figurine, a velociraptor skeleton, a geode, a balance scale, and a gold skull.

7. Keep it classic

Coffee tables are made for magazines–so keep them there! Just make sure they’re looking neat and clean (like the stack on the lower level of this table). A classic Chanel book will never go out of style. A pretty floral arrangement alongside a candle are no-brainers when it comes to beautifying a space.

8. Candles

Like I just mentioned–candles will never go out of style. Fill your table top with them! Pick out one in a beautiful jar or stick to classic containers that coordinate with everything.

9. Keep everything black and white–but add a pop of color

Overwhelming color can ruin the look and feel of your living room. However, the palette on the coffee table shown above is black and white–with pops of pink! Find the prettiest books in your house and make neat piles of them. Or, pick out wrapping papers (or craft papers) in coordinating colors and wrap up your own unused books.

10. Go monochromatic

Nothing is wrong with all-white accents! Stock up on plain white candles and glass hurricanes and you’re good to go.

11. Use stacks of books as statement pieces rather than clutter

I already mentioned before you can keep your real life, everyday pieces of clutter out and about–just disguise them! Stacks are neater than piles; books and magazines can also add levels and different dimensions to your coffee table. I like the candles on top of the books above, which makes it seem as though the books were meant to be there all along–and not just clutter. Splurge on a Diptyque candle to copy this look.

Visit my post about styling bookshelves for more home decor inspiration! 


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