How To Dress For Winter When You Live In A Warm Weather Climate

Some of us will never see a White Christmas, no matter how hard we wish.

While the majority of the country is bundled up in sweaters, boots, and layers (and still freezing!), there are those of us who don’t live in cold weather areas. Folks in Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego, New Orleans, Houston, and many others rarely see days below 50 degrees. If you’re lucky enough to live anywhere in Hawaii, you know this holds true for you as well.

So how do you dress when you still have 70 degree days in the middle of winter?

  1. Layers
  2. Mix summer and winter trends together
  3. Keep sweaters and jackets lightweight
  4. Rock your style! You’re lucky enough to pull off trends without being bulky all year long!

Layers are your best friend! With most warm weather climates, you get chilly mornings, warm afternoons, then cooler evenings. You have to be ready to adapt as the temperature changes throughout the day.


For this all-black ensemble, you’ll need:

Those in the warmer states are lucky enough to wear more skirts during the winter! Whereas your friends in Wisconsin would probably freeze to death in the outfit above, you can wear it (and maybe even omit the tights!).


For this pretty plaid skirt look:

This pretty outfit is more reminiscent of Spring than Winter, but if you have the weather to wear it–do it!


For this delicate floral look, you’ll need:

Get the best of both worlds with a cozy and warm sweater, but breezy and trendy shorts.


For this boho sweater look, you’ll need:

Miami fashion is a bit more polished than West Coast style! Think edgy and creative and bold! This look above feels like a vacation, while still having enough substance to keep you warm.


To recreate this edgy street look, you’ll need: 

Be casual and cozy with this lightweight layered look.


Shop for:

Here’s another of my favorite combinations: shorts and long sleeves! Kourtney Kardashian nails this warm-weather winter look!


For this layered beach look, pick up:

Whether you’re on the beach or not, this look is the perfect choice for those looking to stay warm without bundling up.


For this nautical-inspired outfit, buy:


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