16 Accessories Straight From The 90’s (That You Can Buy Today)

If you’re ever nostalgic for the 90’s, just know that there are several jewelry trends circulating right now that are reminiscent of our childhoods.

1. Chokers

Obviously. Who could forget about these guys? You wore them with everything. You can buy the one above at Forever 21. Here’s a choker with a dangling charm, because we all loved those kinds too.

2. Anklets

You always felt so bohemian whenever you wore one of theseHere’s a 3-piece set that crosses your love of tattoo jewelry with anklets.

3. Hoop Earrings

Only the coolest kids had permission from their parents to wear theseHere’s a multi-pack you can buy in either silver or gold. If you want those humongous hoops, though, try these.

4. Toe Rings

Who even knew they still made these? Charming Charlie even nicknamed this style “Essential.” Here’s an infinity-pattern one, a cutout version, and a bedazzled one (because, why not?).

5. Bandannas

I think every school banned these at some point. Try this heart-print bandanna from ASOS.

6. Hair Clips

Even Claire’s says these will “pull your hair back in style.” Here’s a more mature gold and silver pack, a blue and white pack, a dark glitter pack, and a floral pack.

7. Daisys

Floral accessories (especially if they were beaded!) were all the rage. Try this set from Forever 21. Take a more grown-up approach with this floral choker. You can also try this Floral Fantasy necklace from Charming Charlie.

8. Cord Jewelry

While you had a million different cord necklaces in your childhood, the cord choker is an adult take on this trend.

9. Crystal Pendants

These always felt so mystical. Try this clear pendant from ASOS.

10. Barrettes 

Your barrette was definitely cooler if it was tortoise. Also, bar barrettes were the coolest of the cool.

11. Tiaras

Okay, so you might have only played dress-up with these or wore them to your dance recitals. But the point here is, you can still buy them. And not just at Claire’s. At grown-up stores like Charming Charlie’s.

12. Dongle Hair Ties

It didn’t matter what was attached to the end of your hair tie–as long as something large was there. This blue pom-pom hair tie is a trendy place to start. Here’s a glitter ball hair tie that will have you remembering your elementary school days.

13. Power Bracelets

This is a birthstone bracelet (which was definitely a 90’s trend in it’s own right), but I think the bracelet looks similar to those ultra-trendy power bracelets.

14. Jumbo Hair Clip

There was no cooler way to hold your hair back. Try this clip from Claire’s. Here’s a cream floral version and also a black floral version.

15. Scrunchies

I think we were all excited when this trend came back. Try this metallic scrunchie from Topshop. Here’s a black and heather gray set from Claire’s.

16. Telephone Cord Hair Ties

The most painful way to tie up your hair (did they even hold your hair up at all?).  Bonus: the ones shown above are glow-in-the-dark. If you want to be neon, try this set. When the new kids on the block try to steal your style, they probably won’t even know what telephone cords look like.


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