The Look For Less: Kendall Jenner’s Activewear-Inspired Look

Anyone who says leggings aren’t pants is wrong.


According to WhoWhatWear, Kendall is wearing these $94 Alo “Coast” Mesh Leggings from Nordstrom. The leggings are very cute and are still available for purchase (for now!). Of course, we want cheaper alternatives. And fortunately for us, mesh-insert leggings are all the rage right now.

There are literally hundreds of options out there right now, but this pair from Forever 21 is only $22.90! Here are three more options to choose from [1|2|3].


Kendall is wearing a vintage Led Zeppelin tee, but any well-worn band tee will do the trick! Urban Outfitters has a million band tees to choose from (including the one above): Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, AC/DC, No Doubt, Kiss, The Beatles, Guns N Roses, The Who, Metallica, and more. Not into the band scene? Try a Simpsons t-shirt, a vintage NASA one, or a 90s Tommy Hilfiger tee. The look can be completed with any graphic t-shirt you choose.


A lightwash denim jacket steps Kendall’s outfit up from day-out-running-errands to day-out-running-errands-but-chic. The jacket pictured above is $95 from Topshop. I also like this oversized denim jacket from Topshop as well. For a much more affordable $36.99 (plus, it’s currently on sale!), you can pick up this distressed denim jacket from Charlotte Russe.


These adidas leather sneakers from ASOS are my favorite match for Kendall’s, but they retail at $143. Another pair from ASOS sells for $100. If you want to keep the name brand aspect, you’ll have to dish out a fair amount of money (although you can find a comparable adidas sneaker at DSW for $54.95). This sneaker from Target is $27.99. If you really want to find a deal, this canvas pair of sneakers is only $16.99.


She’s covering her face, but Kendall is wearing a pair of round sunglasses. I love this pair from Urban Outfitters. If you’re shying away from the round-sunglasses trend, this pair is a little more subtle in it’s shape and this pair looks almost more like a classic pair of aviators.

They are similar to these sunglasses–in case you were wondering. According to E! News, the sunglasses shown above are from Sunday Somewhere and retail for $260.


I’m taking a very wild guess when it comes to her backpack, since this is the only picture I can find of this particular outfit. She has been spotted with theĀ backpack below on multiple occasions, though, so I imagine she is using this one or something very similar (she loves the leather backpack look–but, of course, who doesn’t?).

I’m thinking she was going for a more rucksack-type look for this outfit, which is why I chose the Forever 21 backpack shown above. This option and this option both would work well for this look.

I know this isn’t the same outfit, guys, but I pulled the picture so you could get a better look at her leggings! Plus, this outfit is very similar and some of you may want to veer more towards this style than the denim-jacket look.


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