28 Trail Mix Combinations In Celebration Of National Trail Mix Day

Shown Above: Sweet & Salty Trail Mix [x]

For those of you who don’t know, August 31 is National Trail Mix Day! Pick one (or two or three!) of the combinations listed below and celebrate in style.

Start with this basic Homemade Trail Mix recipe!

Step up your snack game with this S’mores Snack Mix [x].

Get in the mood for Fall with this Harvest Halloween Trail Mix blend.

This website actually lists 21 different combinations, including create-your-own versions!

Cheerios Trail Mix is perfect for the kids [x].

Try these Trail Mix Peanut Butter Bars for a different take on the classic snack.

This website gives you the lowdown on how to build your own custom healthy trail mix blend.

Try this Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts Trail Mix [x].

This Peanut Butter Lover’s Trail Mix will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Tropical Trail Mix is perfect for the beach [x].

For those of you who can’t have peanuts, try this Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix blend. The website talks about how it is virtually free of allergens (but, of course, check all the ingredients before you add them to your mix!).

Sweet & Nutty Trail Mix is perfect for those looking for a more classic combination [x].

Here’s a Kid-Approved Trail Mix that will keep them occupied on a rainy day [x].

Try this Healthy Trail Mix With Oatmeal Squares Cereal, which includes no peanuts [x].

5-Ingredient Vanilla Scented Toasted Coconut Cashew Mix sounds like everything I could ever dream of. Check out the recipe here. Bonus: it’s paleo!

Honey Nut Cluster Sweet Potato Chip Snack Mix is the perfect combination of sweet and salty [x].

Try this Chai Maple Coconut Mix for a unique and sweet taste.

While this Quinoa Chivda Savory Cereal Granola may be hard to pronounce, give the recipe a try here. It’s both vegan and gluten free, so it’s worth a shot!

This Blueberry Trail Mix is definitely one I’ll be trying out pronto.

Here is a Nut-Free Power Trail Mix for those of you looking for variety.

Rosemary and Cayenne Coconut Chips Toasted Trail Mix is certainly something you haven’t tried before. See how it all tastes when you try the recipe here.

This Energy Boosting Trail Mix With Toasted Coconut and Dark Chocolate sounds like a dream of mine [x].

For a simple snack, try this Peanut Butter Banana Trail Mix [x].

Yet another kid-friendly recipe, this Toddler Trail Mix is guaranteed to satisfy the kids (and you!).

You can trick yourself into eating healthier by making these Trail Mix Protein Bar Cookies.

Here’s a Healthy Homemade Trail Mix to add to your recipe collection [x].

And last but not least, if you’re ready to start prepping for the holidays, you should try this Winter Wonderland Trail Mix!

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