32 Planners That Will Force You To Get Your Life Together

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice a trend in some of my more recent posts: getting my life organized. I did a post on bullet journaling, but have made the executive decision that it’s not for me. Mostly because I know my handwriting and creativity will never be at the standard I want it to be (I know, I know, bullet journals are not about perfection!).

Anyway, I recently purchased a planner at Target and things are going great so far! My handwriting isn’t perfect, my notes are sloppy, and I’ve already spilled some water on it, but I feel instantly¬†organized. August has been a busy month so far with a trip home, a weekend at Disneyland, planning a move, changes at work, bills, speeding tickets (yikes!), and preparing for yet another vacation next month¬†(yay!). Having a planner in my hand has really helped calm my stress and worries.

The planner shown above is $22 from Anthropologie. Read on for more options to choose from!

Mini Suede Oh Snap Journal, $20.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Confetti 17-Month Planner, $28.00, nordstrom.com

Day Designer Weekly/Monthly Planner, $9.99, target.com

Graceful Garden Planner, $34.00, anthropologie.com

Greenery Hidden Spiral Planner, $38.95, papersource.com

Mandela 17-Month Planner, $28.00, nordstrom.com

Sugar Paper Weekly/Monthly Planner, $9.99, target.com

This is actually the planner I bought for myself–and I’m loving the layout so far!

Bonheur 2016/2017 Planner, $22.00, anthropologie.com

Hardcover Planner, $32.95, papersource.com

Poppin Small Metallic Journal, $8.00, urbanoutfitters.com

I Am Very Busy Planner, $32.95, papersource.com

Flex Grid Planner, $30.00, etsy.com

Big Plans 2017 Planner, $28.00, anthropologie.com

Kraft With Gold Foil Planner, $14.99, target.com

Blue Water String Bound Planner, $26.95, papersource.com

Midweek 2017 Planner, $16.00, anthropologie.com

Chandelier Weekly Spiral Planner, $29.95, papersource.com

Blush Agenda, $10.99, target.com

Filament Journal, $12.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Wildflower Study Planner, $24.00, anthropologie.com

Happy Planner, $10.95-$14.95, etsy.com

White With Gold Dots Planner, $9.99, target.com

Florabunda Spiral Planner, $32.95, papersource.com

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo 17-Month Agenda, $35.00, nordstrom.com

Productivity Planner, $24.95, anthropologie.com

Kate Spade New York XL Black Stripe Agenda, $40.00, papersource.com

Year-Less Planner, $28.00, anthropologie.com

Gold Brush String Bound Planner, $26.95, papersource.com

Day Designer Weekly/Monthly Planner, $14.99, target.com

Marble Journal, $12.00, urbanoutfitters.com

I actually featured this journal on a post! 

Petite Planner, $18.00, anthropologie.com

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