The Look For Less: Eleanor Calder’s Chic Poolside Attire

I’m going to start off by saying that I have never once looked so stylish sitting casually by a pool.

Eleanor’s exact swimsuit is this Tularosa One Piece from REVOLVE. You can buy it here for $148. The shorts she is wearing are also from REVOLVE, which sell for $148 on their website. For $300 (not including accessories!) you can have this exact look.

Of course, we’re not here for that.


I think the key to matching Eleanor’s swimsuit is to find a fun, but fairly simple one-piece. The swimsuit shown above is from Nasty Gal and sells for $98.

This option from Topshop is $58. This printed swimsuit from them is also a good choice. Here is one more orange plunge swimsuit I like from Topshop. Here are five additional options from Nordstrom [1|2|3|4|5] and two from Forever 21 [1|2]. Last, but not least, here’s one more choice from Urban Outfitters.


I am in love with these denim shorts from Nasty Gal. They’re a bit on the frayed side for Eleanor’s look, but I think the style and high-waisted details make for a great copy for her shorts. Topshop has a great selection of black denim shorts and these are the five I really liked for this look [1|2|3|4|5].


While Eleanor is probably wearing something more along the lines of these Ray Bans, cheap sunglasses can be found just about anywhere nowadays.

The pair shown above is from Target and sells for a very reasonably priced $19.99. These sunglasses are my go-to Target sunglasses and I wear them on an everyday basis. Here is a rose gold option from Target and one from Forever 21. In case you still haven’t found your dream pair of aviators, here are three more choices from Charming Charlie [1|2|3].


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