The Look For Less: Emma Watson’s Music Festival Look

The ever-so-stylish Emma Watson wore this particular look to the Hyde Park British Summer Time Festival last summer. What I love about this look is how simple it is. Anyone can recreate this look and wear it to any occasion.


Okay, so Emma’s top has leather patches at the elbows which is a great touch. I was unable to find any that were exactly like hers, but it’s important to note that hers is loose fitting and long-sleeved.

I really like this top from Nordstrom as a match for Emma’s. Here is an additional choice from Nordstrom and three more from ASOS [1|2|3]. If you want a more fitted and cropped look, these two options from Forever 21 [1|2] and this top from ASOS will also work to complete the look.


Any pair of distressed denim cutoffs will do the trick for this look. The pair pictured above is from Nasty Gal, but this pair from Urban Outfitters, and these two pairs from Forever 21 [1|2] are also good choices. Here are two more options from Topshop if you need more choices [1|2].


Grab your most badass pair of booties and you’ll have the right shoe for this look. The pair shown above is from DSW. Here are three more choices from DSW if you want some variety [1|2|3]. Here is another option from Urban Outfitters.


It’s pretty difficult to see in pictures, but Emma is wearing a watch with a rectangular face.

Unfortunately, the only watch I could find that even remotely resembled Emma’s was this one from Nordstrom, which retails at $165. There are cheaper options from Charming Charlie [1|2|3|4], which would work for this look, even though the watch faces are round instead of rectangular.


From this angle, we can see that Emma’s crossbody bag is round. I couldn’t find a circle, but I found an octagon!

The purse shown above is from Nordstrom.┬áHere are two other options from Forever 21 [1|2]. Even though the only rounded edge they have is at the bottom, they still work well with Emma’s look.


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