16 Creative Ways To Display Your Polaroids

I recently ordered a ton of Polaroid prints fromĀ LALALAB. I am now faced with the dilemma of how to show them off. I was originally going to use them in a scrapbook-type project, but realized they were way too pretty and fun for that. With more and more people turning back to the vintage style of Polaroids (or just photo prints in general), I’ve compiled a list of some beautiful and creative ways to display them.

1. Make a giant collage.

The most basic of DIY photo projects, this can be modified in any way to match your personal preference and the style of your home.

2. String them up.

Clothespins on string (whether in a frame or not) are one of the most popular ways to showcase pretty prints. It looks very bohemian and casual without looking disheveled. Here is a tutorial for hanging photos within an empty frame.

If you need additional guidance, here is a very simple tutorial for hanging Polaroids on string. You can expand and change the project depending on your needs.

3. Create an interesting art piece.

Displaying pictures doesn’t have to be boring. Make 3-D wall art with wood, clips, and your precious prints.

4. Put them on a wall grid.

The wire wall grid is one of my favorite home office trend of the moments. What an easy and versatile way to display your photos and other important papers. I featured this stylish wall grid from Urban Outfitters in my post about office accessories.

5. Add a branch.

This is one of those unique DIY projects to revamp any space in your home. While not the exact photo shown above, here is a tutorial on how to create a photo hanger from a branch. Here is another set of instructions for a branch photo display, in case you need more inspiration.

6. Geometric string art.

Here’s a great DIY project for those of you looking for a more creative way to display your photos. You can check out the tutorial here.

7. Put them directly on the wall.

Much like the first image in this post, placing them in a neat grid on the wall is an easy and chic way to display every picture you have. The more the merrier–so make sure you have tons of prints to utilize for this project!

8. Washi Tape

A little more teen-friendly, this Washi tape photo display is so simple to recreate and versatile. If you like changing your pictures often, this is the display idea for you. You can read the tutorial here.

9. Sleek, Simple, Black, and White

In contrast to the colorful idea above, go for an understated and classic Black and White look.

10. Make a fun shape directly on the wall.

If a grid is too boring for you–or you simply don’t have enough space or photos to do it–try a more fun, focal arrangement. This reduces the number of pictures you can use in your display, but it works great in smaller spaces. You can get directions for this easy DIY here.

11. Go vertical.

Not only is this ideal for narrow spaces, its also a unique and unexpected way to display your photos.

You can find the tutorial for this cute display above here.

12. Do a giant collage–but with a clear backdrop.

Not only does this look sleeker and more modern, it also gives the illusion that the photos are hanging directly on your walls–without damaging your walls.

13. Make a statement wall.

If you have more pictures than you know what to do with, this is the project for you. Get every picture you have and make one focal wall in the room of your choice.

14. Turn them into a clock.

Get the tutorial for this easy DIY here.

15. Hang them from the ceiling.

16. Create your own customized calendar.

Now start those DIY projects and get those prints out of your phone and onto the wall!

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