How To Style A Bralette: 6 Ways To Show Off Your Prettiest Layering Piece

Not long ago, I posted 80+ different bralette styles to check out this summer. Now, I did select a ton of different styles I love, but how do you wear them? Bralettes can be tricky–especially because many associate them with either lounging around or a Coachella-esque environment. But I’m here to tell you–that doesn’t have to be the case! It’s so easy to incorporate bralettes into your everday fashion. Do so with confidence and you’ll be the chicest and sexiest girl on the block.

1. Wear it as its own shirt.

First and foremost, there are dozens of bralette options that look more like a shirt than a bra. These are the ones that are perfect for wearing as their own shirt! The two options above are from Forever 21 [1|2]. I understand this look is harder to pull of for a multitude of reasons–many bralettes are sheer, crop tops aren’t practical for everyday wear, you have to look presentable at work or for your parents. I totally get it. But when you have the opportunity to pull off this edgy and sexy look–go for it!

2. Show just a peek.

This is one of the most practical and easy-to-wear looks with a bralette. Showing the straps, lace, or detailing from your bralette provides a hint of sexiness without going overboard. On front-cross bralettes like the one shown above, it almost works as a necklace or embellished collar would–it provides a little interest to the look without being over-the-top.

If you couldn’t tell by the plethora of examples, I’m a big proponent of this look. I think it’s so pretty and delicate! More important, it’s 100% wearable in your everyday life.

3. Show almost everything.

You know those tops sitting at the back of your closet because you never know what bra to wear with them? Or those impractical shirts you see at the store and have no idea what to wear underneath it? Well, the bralette is your best friend for these clothing items. Bralettes are made to be seen, so show them off without any hesitation!

4. Layer them.

If you want to attempt the bralette as a top trend, but aren’t ready to bare all, layering them underneath a jacket, sweater, or button-down is a great place to start. Gain confidence by feeling powerful and sexy in your bralette and, once you’re comfortable enough to show some more skin, ditch your cover-up and you’re good to go!

5. Show off the back.

Like I mentioned above, never worry about what bra to wear with a shirt ever again. The back of this beautiful bralettes were made to be displayed. This is a look that can be more extreme or more subdued depending on the occasion. This is perfect for low-back tops that normal bras don’t work with. Even if a normal bra would work just fine, sometimes a bralette is a prettier and more stylish option.

6. Wear it as loungewear.

I know I wasn’t going to mention this one, but it does look adorable with some pajama bottoms and a cozy sweater. Go ahead–feel beautiful and sexy as you’re hanging out at home!

Note: All pictures are from Pinterest unless otherwise noted. Each image is linked to its URL. 


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