Put Your Best Fin Forward: 41 Things Every Mermaid Needs

Mermaid Shell Crossbody Bag, $49.00 [Silver or Gold]

It’s summer. Unleash your inner mermaid with these glitzy, beachy, shimmery products.

Mermaid PJ Set, $14.90

Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist, $14.00

Matte Lip Velour Lipstick (Mermaid Shades), $15.00

Iridescent Bikini [Top, $85.00 | Bottoms, $80.00]

Moonshine Hair Glitter, $28.00

Coconut Cleansing Bath, $10.00

Mermaid iPhone Case, $13.00

Glitter Pot In Scarab, $7.00

Whorled Candleholder, $12.00-$36.00

Shelly iPhone 6/6s Case, $35.00

Double Strap Mermaid Bikini, $115.00

Tropical Hair Treatment, $18.00

Natural Shell Portable Power Charger, $48.00

Raw Coconut Drink For Hair, $23.99

Ercine Hair Clip, $44.00

Sequin Bikini [Top, $17.90 | Bottoms, $17.90]

Mermaid Slogan Makeup Bag, $16.50

Freshwater Tote, $118.00

Disney Pajama Short Set, $41.00

Mer-Sea & Co. Candle, $32.00

Iridescent Mermaid Chunky Body Glitter, $9.00

Mermaid’s Soap Dish, $14.00

Mermaid Makeup Bag, $16.50

Sea Calling Trinket Dish, $28.00-$42.00

Mermaid In Training Beach Tank, $44.00

Fishing Hook, $18.00

Mermaid Pearl Stud Earrings, $25.00

Vacation Beach Towel, $38.00

Iridescent Sequin Bucket Bag, $53.50

Ocean Mist, $31.00

Purifying Seaweed Cleanser, $24.00

Stripe Canvas Tote, $28.00

Beach Bum Slogan Espadrilles, $30.00

Tropical Body Treatment, $21.00

Low Back Dress In Mermaid Sequins, $16.00

Hydrating Lip Tint, $14.00

Alex and Ani Mermaid Bangle, $28.00

Active Hydration Mask, $25.00

Iridescent Swimsuit, $200.00

Dress With Peplum Hem In Metallic Mermaid, $57.00


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