19 Books About Italy To Fuel Your Travel Dreams

Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence, $39.95, anthropologie.com

For the next few days, I’m focusing on celebrating the 13th anniversary of The Lizzie McGuire Movie! This post is part of the series. Enjoy!

Since we’re celebrating all things related to The Lizzie McGuire Movie this week, I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of books to further educate you on Italian Culture. Some heftier reads than others, all will you leave you wishing you were wandering the streets of Rome instead of sitting at your cubicle.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, $12.00, amazon.com

If you want to get right down to nitty, gritty, and educational, this is the place to start.

Italy Travel Journal, $10.00, etsy.com

Fodor’s Italy 2016, $17.63, amazon.com

Italy From the Alps to Naples (1904), $20.45, etsy.com

How To Read The Menu In France, Italy, and Spain, $11.95, anthropologie.com

Foodies, rejoice! You never have to worry about what you’re ordering in foreign countries–not with this handy guide. If the only Italian words you learn are various pastas and wines, I think you’re doing okay.

Italy Notebook, $25.00-$45.00, etsy.com

Ultimate Travel: The 500 Best Places On The Planet, $24.99, urbanoutfitters.com

Venice For Pleasure Vintage Travel Guide, $7.00, etsy.com

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Sicily, $17.36, barnesandnoble.com

Italian Phrase Book (1953), $12.00, etsy.com

38 Hours in Milan, $16.00, anthropologie.com

Antipasti: The Little Dishes of Italy, $10.00, etsy.com

One Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns In Italy, $18.41, barnesandnoble.com

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Naples, $17.00, target.com

Italian Crafts: Inspiration From Folk Art (Vintage), $7.49, etsy.com

Ultimate Travel Coloring Book, $14.99, urbanoutfitters.com

Italian Alps Map Journal, $68.91, etsy.com

Italian Phrasebook, $10.00, anthropologie.com


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