12 Outfits Inspired By The Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack

For the next few days, I’m focusing on celebrating the 13th anniversary of The Lizzie McGuire Movie! This is the first post in the series. Enjoy! 

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately–The Lizzie McGuire Movie ranks as one of the greatest movies of our childhood. Let’s get a second thing out of the way–the soundtrack was phenomenal and we probably still have it loaded on our iPods when we need a feel-good playlist.

Now, to enrich our lives even further with Lizzie McGuire, this list is going to take the songs from the soundtrack and turn them into inspired-by, modernized outfits. So even if nobody else understands your nod to the movie soundtrack, at least you can “shine with the light from the sun” (I wish I could find a link to that scene, but alas, I have been unsuccessful).

1. “Why Not” by Hilary Duff [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Hilary’s music video (a little grungy, a little sexy).

For this look, you need a top that says your a badass, like this one. You can also try this one or this one from Forever 21 or this one from Nasty Gal. Dress yourself in head-to-toe black with some sexy skinnies and you’ll be emulating Hilary’s grungy style.

2. “The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)” by Atomic Kitten [x]

My Inspiration For This Look; The ocean. The tides. Ya know.

I’m thinking beachy prints and shades of blue. Here’s even more blue and another pair of shorts.

3. “All Around The World (Pink Debutante)” by Cooler Kids [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Punk Rock Glam

You need to look like a princess, but you also need to slay everyone else’s existence. This is the dress for the occasion.

4. “What Dreams Are Made Of (Ballad Version)” by Yani Gellman & Hilary Duff [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: A romantic serenade by an Italian pop star.

Soft, delicate, and definitely what dreams are made of. This dress is the perfect outfit for date night with your love.

5. “Shining Star” by Jump 5 [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Shiny and bright. Fun.

Shine like a star in this metallic mini skirt. And, for added wow factor, try this hot pink crop top. There’s no way you’ll get lost in the crowd with this ensemble.

6. “Volare” by Vitamin C [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Adventure. Sunshine. Carefree attitude.


Try a Bohemian top with denim cutoffs. Here are three more tops [1|2|3] and three more shorts [1|2|3], just in case you don’t like the first options. Add funky sandals to bring everything together.

7. “Open Your Eyes (To Love)” by LMNT [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Date night.

We’re talking feminine shapes, colors, and patterns here. This dress from Topshop is a date night staple. This dress from ASOS is a little more on the sexy side, but still equally as romantic.

8. “You Make Me Feel Like A Star” by The Beu Sisters [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Sunshine-y fun. You’re having the best day of your life. A little bit retro.

A fun ringer tee, faded denim (jeans or shorts), and sneakers give off a playful and flirty vibe.

9. “Supermodel” by Taylor Dayne [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Glamorous, of course.

You need to take the fashion world by storm. This all-over sequin dress is the perfect way to bring out your inner supermodel.

10. “What Dreams Are Made Of” by Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: The final climactic scene from the movie.

I probably don’t even need to link the scene–you all know what I’m referring to. If not, check out the link next to the song title. This look needs to be over-the-top, glam, and powerful. It is 100% necessary you steal the show when trying to achieve this iconic look.

There are a plethora of dramatic skirts out there. Everything from sequins to lace to tulle to patterned tulle to a combination of both (in dress form). Now, the look from the movie is a coordinating set (just like this bodysuit will match the lace skirt linked above). But any jaw-dropping top will do the trick, such as this plunging bodysuit or this lace-up top.

11. “On An Evening In Roma” by Dean Martin [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Classic and sophisticated.

A pencil skirt will never go out of style (check out this option and this option as well). Pair with classic pumps for a timeless look.

12. “Girl In The Band” by Haylie Duff [x]

My Inspiration For This Look: Vintage rock.

Arguably the worst song on the soundtrack, the outfit inspired by the jam doesn’t have to be awful too. Get a vintage band tee, some shredded jeans (black or regular wash), and you’re good to go.


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