Trending Now: Spring Florals

Contemporary Floral Cami Dress, $22.90,

Every year, I look forward to the Spring fashion. Because, every year, florals become trendy during the Spring months. There is no fashion look I love more than florals. Breezy, pretty, and feminine, everything looks dressier and more put-together when it’s plastered with fun flowers. Here are 40 different floral-printed items you can add to your closet this season.

Contemporary Open-Shoulder Top, $17.90,

Backyard Bliss Floral Tie-Waist Short, $69.00,

Contemporary Floral Maxi Dress, $27.90,

Picnic Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress, $79.00,

Rose Print Cami Romper, $14.90,

Floral Strappy Maxi Dress, $22.90,

Floral Set Tie-Side Cropped Top, $59.00,

Cornflower Cutout Mini Dress, $79.00,

Floral Off-The-Shoulder Top, $15.90,

Printed Ballet Wrap Mini Skirt, $59.00,

Floral Flutter-Sleeve Top, $17.90,

Watercolor Cross-Front Romper, $149.00,

Maureen Maxi Wrap Dress, $68.00,

Daisy Print Skater Skirt, $15.90,

Pick Your Poison Halter Romper, $58.00,

Daisy Print Romper, $12.90,

Tangerine Dream Floral Dress, $82.00,

Floral Print Crepe Cami, $6.90,

Lush Halter Romper, $46.00,

Who Rose There Floral Romper, $68.00,

Textured Daisy Print Skirt, $15.90,

Tangerine Dream Floral Top ($68.00) and Shorts ($69.00),

Contemporary Floral Mini Dress, $22.90,

Little Blooms Maxi Dress, $108.00,

Floral Off-The-Shoulder Top, $17.90,

Chelsea Morning Floral Top, $48.00,

Tie-Front Floral Cropped Cami, $12.90,

Floral Printed Midi Dress, $80.00,

Floral Dolphin Shorts, $14.90,

Floral Cut-Out Playsuit, $68.00,

Lace-Up Floral Print Romper, $24.90,

Art Museum Dress, $188.00,

Floral Mini Dress, $22.90,

Sungarden Tee, $48.00,

Lace-Paneled Floral Cami, $15.90,

Lantana Tank, $88.00,

Pleat V-Neck Shell, $48.00,

Morning Glory Swing Dress, $138.00,

Floral M-Slit Maxi Skirt, $22.90,


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