43 Simple, Pretty Home Organization Ideas

Organization doesn’t have to be ugly–or expensive! Here are 43 ways to revamp your entire home and simplify your life, without breaking the bank or sacrificing your personal style!


  1. Keep magazines and coffee table books in neat stacks–and concealed in trays.

2. Kids toys and other living room clutter can be put into a small side unit. The table top also functions as a place for drinks and snacks during movie night.

3. If a tall bookshelf is too overwhelming in a small space, go long and low.


4. Never underestimate the importance of having a good color scheme. No matter what type of bins and drawers you use, having a singular coordinating color makes it more of a design piece.

5. For a clean look, find a tabletop file organizer.

6. You don’t have to shove everything useful away in drawers! Just keep the things you use on a daily basis in small, pretty containers.

7. Any shelving unit can incorporate patterned boxes–a style statement that keeps you papers hidden away.

8. Turn an ottoman into a filing cabinet. Pretty and functional.

9. Even the smallest of office spaces look organized with a pretty corkboard. It keeps papers off of your desk and on the wall instead.


10. If you’re short on cabinet space, pretty dishes are more than welcome to be on display.

11. Keep coffee cups from becoming an eyesore by building them a custom wall storage unit.

12. A tray will keep necessities close at hand, while still looking more like a decorative piece than clutter.

13. A bar unit keeps everything in one place, without taking up tons of space.

14. If your pantry is too small, some foods can be stored in hurricane canisters to create a pretty display. Plus, it makes cooking a whole lot more convenient.

15. Everyday essentials can be out on your countertops, as long as they are contained.

16. Keep wine glasses and bottles in one place with these hanging organizers.

17. Flour, sugar, and coffee grounds are prone to spill and make a mess when kept in their original boxes. By keeping them in pretty glass canisters, you’ve created a decorative piece and cleared up space in your cabinets.

18. Hooks keep coffee cups off of counters. It also functions as a pretty display.


19. A pretty vanity tray will keep your beauty products within reach, but create a much more refreshing view in the bathroom.

20. Pretty hooks for towels are perfect for additional towel storage.

21. Never underestimate the importance of adding flowers. It turns any collection of items into a truly magnificent focal piece.

22. Magazines don’t need to be stacked on top of the toilet.

23. A basket for dirty towels will keep them from accumulating on the bathroom floor. Additionally, stacks of fluffy white towels give your bathroom a hotel or spa-like vibe.

24. Have too many beauty products? Shelves turn them into an artsy display instead of an eyesore.

25. A tiered basket makes your bathroom a place guests will want to visit, instead of a place to avoid.

26. Much like in the kitchen, there are bathroom products that look much prettier and more streamlined when stored in decorative bottles. Check out this beautiful mouthwash display.

27. Towel racks on the back of a door free up valuable wall space in a small bathroom.

28. A simple hanging shower caddy has a clean look.


29. Even if you don’t have the budget to remodel your entire closet, putting a dresser inside a closet is a great way to save space and add additional clothing storage.

30. If your closet is jam-packed with clothing, add a small hanging bar in the corner of a room. Keep your prettiest dresses on display so it looks like an art piece instead of a cluttered corner.

31. A stack of books in coordinating colors is always a posh choice.

32. Keep baby necessities all in one place by converting a dresser into a changing table. This solution can transform into a normal dresser as your child ages.

33. Pull shorts and jeans out of drawers and hang them on shower curtain rings in your closet.


34. A window doesn’t need to get in the way of your shelving dreams.

35. Use virtually every spare inch of home you have. Any nook can be utilized for storage.

36. Even a tiny kids room can become a library.

37. White always looks simple and clean.

38. Even a corner can have useful shelving.


39. Keep pretty things on display. Hide ugly clutter in storage containers.

40. An old dresser or TV unit can be converted into additional closet space. Also functions as a room divider in a very small apartment.

41. More room divider inspiration. Small spaces don’t need to lack storage.


42. Use a small unit like this for media storage. Records, CDs, movies, books–anything you can think of.

43. A small cart can be used for just about anything–even craft supplies.

Now get organizing!


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