Every Pinterest Recipe I Tried In The Month Of March

It’s been an interesting month. There have been a lot of big changes at my job; my friend and I decided to start a fitness/health challenge, so I’m trying to snack and eat (slightly) healthier; we’ve been dealing with issues with our apartment building, so it’s been a constant struggle to take care of that.

With limited time and attempting to take on a new lifestyle, my recipes have been all over the place. In fact, I haven’t really had time to try new dinner recipes this month. It’s all about the snacks, desserts, and side dishes this time around.

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1. Banana Nutella Milkshake [x]

I was looking for a way to get rid of my bananas–which were on their way to being overripe. This was the solution and it was great.

PROS: Easy and delicious.

CONS: None.

2. Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whip Frozen Treats [x]

Okay, read the title one more time: this is a Weight Watchers dessert. They are easy to prepare, satisfy my sweet tooth, and are only 59 calories a piece. I think I’ve only made it to the “frozen” part one or two times. Every other time I’ve made this, the peanut butter and cool whip ends up going into my mouth at room temperature.

PROS: Can be prepared in just a few minutes (if you don’t want to freeze them!). Ingredients are literally just Lite Cool Whip and peanut butter, so it’s highly likely you already have the ingredients you need. This is easily modifiable–I made it one night with Nutella, one night with a bit of chocolate syrup, etc.

CONS: None.

3. Hash Browns [x]

I decided to give homemade hashbrowns a try–and it was a complete disaster. I could not get my hashbrowns dry enough, so they were soggy, no matter how long I cooked them, no matter how much I burned them. They also ended up greasy.

PROS: I’m sure they taste delicious if they’re done right (maybe?).

CONS: Everything. They were too soggy, too greasy, didn’t cook appropriately. Grating and then drying out potatoes was a lot of work. This is not a fast and easy side dish for breakfast. If you had hours to dry out your potatoes appropriately, maybe it would be suited for Sunday brunch.

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