Every Pinterest Recipe I Tried In The Month Of February

Yet another round-up of my Pinterest cooking attempts.


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1. Potato Kielbasa Skillet [x]


If I could eat kielbasa everyday for dinner, I would. It’s so easy to cook and so delicious. I made this recipe, but slightly more simplified–no apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, dijon mustard, or bacon (although those changes probably would have made for an amazing meal).

PROS: Delicious and easy. I loved this meal. It’s very easy to modify–add ingredients or remove them–based on your family’s preferences.

CONS: The potatoes themselves take a while. I opted to boil them instead of microwaving them, but I would probably go with microwaving next time (or use leftover potatoes).

2. Lemon Chicken With Broccoli [x]


My coworker actually recommended this meal to me and I loved it. I had no fresh lemon zest, but the meal was great without it. I was also out of chicken broth (which never happens), so I used a substitute instead. Even with all that, the meal was delicious and nutritious. We enjoyed this meal with rice.

PROS: Um, it’s a Weight Watchers recipe! It’s nice to have a healthy weeknight dinner option.

CONS: The sauce turned out a little watery, but I have a feeling that was due to my substitution for chicken broth.

3. Classic Cream Cheese Frosting [x]


No, you didn’t miss the recipe where I talk about the dessert I made to go with this frosting. Yes, I made cream cheese frosting just because. A girl’s gotta snack sometimes. I only used a half stick of butter and 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar in this recipe.

PROS: Delicious.

CONS: None. Except that I didn’t make cupcakes to go with this scrumptious icing.

4. Easy Garlic Shrimp [x]


My boyfriend made these for me for Valentine’s Day!

PROS: So fast. They seriously take about 5 minutes–prep time and cook time. Also, you have all the ingredients in your house. They require garlic, lemon juice, and some various spices from your spice cabinet. Very flavor.

CONS: A very light meal (which isn’t always a bad thing). In order to serve it alone as a dish, you’d need to cook up some pasta or rice–or maybe even combine with a fresh salad–to make it a bit more hardy.

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