Every Pinterest Recipe I Tried In The Month Of January

This month was all good recipes, even if there were only three of them that I tried.


January was by far my worst month for cooking new recipes (so far).

If you are so inclined, here are my recipe posts from October, November, and December.

1. Easy Cheesy Sausage And Green Bean Skillet Pasta [x]


PROS: Simple! My favorite part was that I already had everything on hand (besides a little bit more cheese). It also made a ton. Like, my boyfriend and I were eating this for a week (and it’s rare that leftovers last more than one night in our house).

CONS: Meh. I don’t know how I feel about green beans in my pasta. It wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t too excited about it.

2. Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges [x]


PROS: Delicious. We made this as a side dish (and as a snack!) several times. It’s also extremely customizable. Once I had the basic recipe down, I swapped out seasoning based on what I had available and each variation came out delicious.

CONS: None. We loved this recipe. I would recommend adding more seasoning than it suggests–the more flavor, the better!

3. Garlic Lime Skillet Chicken [x]


On a whim, I decided to try this recipe. I was looking for a fast way to make chicken without having to preheat the oven and this is what I came across. I modified the recipe by omitting the heavy cream (which essentially made the sauce). I added another cup of water in addition to the chicken broth, then added a cup of rice. I simmered, covered, for 20 minutes. I loved the way the rice came out–plus it was a one-pan meal!

PROS: Easy one-pan meal! Requires little prep or attendance while cooking.

CONS: I added way too much paprika. Like, it was extremely spicy. But now I now to follow the recipe more carefully next time instead of experimenting the way that I did.

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