The Look For Less: Selena Gomez’s Chic and Cozy Lunchtime Look

Check out how to recreate this look for less!

heartstyles | Tumblr

Selena Gomez always looks sleek and sophisticated. However, this outfit is one of my absolute favorite looks she’s worn recently.


Finding a sweater in Selena’s exact color with the sleeve detailing has proven to be difficult. I like the sweater above from Urban Outfitters. There are a few other options floating out there, such as this one from Forever 21. ASOS has two other choices I like [1|2] and Lookbook Store has one as well. Here is one final option from Topshop.


I love this pair of ripped black jeans from Topshop. I think they’re a great match to Selena’s pair. If you’re looking for a cheaper version, this pair from Nordstrom is a good choice.


I love this classic white Court Shoe from Nordstrom. If you want a more affordable option, here is a great pair from DSW and another good choice from Forever 21. If you want the ankle strap detailing like Selena has on her shoes, this option from DSW is good.


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