Cute And Simple Embellished Paperclip DIY

If you’re looking for a simple and fun way to glamorize your day-to-day office tasks, look no further than these adorable and functional paper clips.


There is really nothing easier than this DIY! If you have 30 minutes one day and are feeling crafty, this is the project for you. It’s also 100% customizable. Choose colors you like, accents you like, sizes you like, etc.



  • Paperclips [x]
  • Accent decorations (I used these from Michael’s [1|2])
  • Hot Glue Gun [x]

That’s it! Feel free to add glitter, ribbons, buttons, Washi Tape, or any other craft items you’re interested in decorating with.

While the rhinestones were stickers, I opted to hot glue them into place. The flowers were not adhesive, so glue was required. I attached each¬†embellishment as close to the tip of the paperclip as possible, so as to not hinder the paperclip’s functionality.

20151116_220042_resized (1)

I chose the decorations I did in order to match my journal (which I made in this post here). I reinforced each embellishment with more hot glue on the backside of the paperclip, as to create a stronger seal.


Anyway, this is a very simple and very cute DIY project! A collection of them would be a great personalized gift for a teacher, neighbor, or coworker.



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