36 Reasons You Need To Style Your Home Exclusively With Target Decor

Because being affordable and trendy is only the beginning.


Every time I go to Target I want to buy out the entire home decor section. Unfortunately, my apartment is way too small for that. But one day I plan on having my dream home courtesy of Threshold and Nate Berkus.

Decorative Candle Holder, $24.99

Metallic Diamond Neutral Throw Pillow, $19.99

Ceramic Rope Bowl, $24.99

Metal, Wood, And Leather Bar Cart, $129.99

Large Milk Crate Wire Storage Bin, $16.99

Hello Lovely Decorative Pillow, $19.99

Decorative Glass Storage Box, $11.99

Torre & Tagus Decorative Branch Aluminum Round Bowl, $62.99

Antique Gold Candle Holder, $13.99

Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-Colored Square, $14.99

Nate Berkus Metallic Cable Knit Decorative Pillow, $19.99

Gorham Lady Anne Rose Crystal Bowl, $79.99

Over-The-Door Mirror, $22.99

Birdcage Lantern, $24.99

Copper Decorative Figurine, $19.99

Mirrored Tray, $34.99

Grey Faux Fur Throw, $34.99

Torre & Tagus Box Frame Single Candle Holder, $28.99

Aluminum 2-Tier Tray, $212.99

Natural Crystal Geode, $19.99

Bicycle Figurine, $24.99

Succulent In Large Faceted Glass, $29.99

Threshold Silver Bear Figural, $14.99

5-Bottle Wine And Glass Holder, $29.99

Mesa Area Rug, $29.99-$323.99

Single Candler Holder Scent Portfolio, $1.50

Metal Star Sculpture, $24.99

Eyelash Shag Area Rug, $89.99-$179.99

Square Hand Carved Mango Wood Dice (Set of 6), $21.99

Six Tube Hinged Vase, $24.99

Medium Ombre Blue Candle, $12.99

Barber Fleece Rug, $74.99-$249.99

Glass Bottles With Wire Tray, $25.99

Arrow With Hooks, $14.99

Nearly Natural Succulent Garden With Concrete Planter, $61.99

Chunky Chenille Throw, $29.99-$34.99


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