Simple Advent Calendar DIY

Creating a cute Christmas Advent Calendar doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming! Check out what I did after the jump. 20151130_215714_resized

I know it’s a little too late to do an Advent Calendar this far into December, but keep this cute and easy project in mind for next year! This is literally the easiest Christmas DIY you will ever do.


  • Paper craft bags (normal paper bags would work just fine–or if you were interested in stashing bigger goodies–but I used these bags from Michael’s)
  • Cute clothespins (or other closing mechanism)–I chose these from Michael’s.
  • Decoration supplies of your choice (markers, crayons, glitter, buttons, decals, stickers, paper–whatever you want!)
  • Items to fill your goody bags!


This was a project I tried to do stealthily right before my boyfriend got home from work, so I kept it as simple as possible.


I varied the designs based on the days. I only had a few paint pen colors to work with, so everything was very basic.



Also, apparently Advent Calendars only have twenty-four days. Oops. I decided to go a little off the books with this project.


I loaded them up with candy, mini bottles of alcohol, and trinkets from the dollar section of target. It’s been really fun opening them up every night and seeing what goodies are inside! This is a tradition I hope we can continue in the future!


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