The Look For Less: Kendall Jenner’s AMA Red Carpet Look

Because regardless of your opinion on Miss Jenner, you have to admit she looked flawless.

kimkendallkylie | Tumblr


Besides her super cute new hairdo, Kendall rocked the red carpet in her sexy, slinky LBD by Oriett Domenech. The key to this look is the high neck, open back, and short (short short!) skirt.

its-omghollywood | Tumblr

While her dress is very unique, there are similar versions that can be found elsewhere. The most important features to look for are the high neck, loose-fitting and low-cut back, and the side slits on the skirt.

I’m going to start with the dresses I think have the most similar shape to Kendall’s dress. Unfortunately, neither of them is black.

The dress above is $68.00 from Nasty Gal. It’s unfortunate the color doesn’t match Kendall’s, because I think the shape is great.

This dress from Forever 21 ($126.00) has the high neck, side slit, and cutout back. But again, it falls short in the color category.

My favorite overall match is this dress from I

While the above dress does not have the side slit or high-neck features of Kendall’s dress, I think the back is the most similar to hers. The two straps, which are not fitted, are a great match for Kendall’s dress.

Here are some other contenders I found:


Kendall’s earrings are from Neil Lane.

kylizzle-me | Tumblr

Here is a wavy gold pair from Forever 21 ($4.90).

Any sleek, long pair of gold earrings would do the trick here. Here are some more choices:


keeping-up-with-the-jenners | Tumblr

Lace-up heels are all the rage right now.

The pair listed above are $85.00 from Topshop. Here is an alternative option from Forever 21 and yet another choice from Topshop.

Now you can get your Kendall inspired look for your next girl’s night!


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