Tiny Homes, Big Inspiration

Tiny homes are all the rage right now. Even if you think you would never be able to survive out of such a small amount of square footage, know that you can still find design inspiration in small spaces. Bigger isn’t always better.


Keep furniture lines clean and simple. It also doesn’t hurt to have ginormous picture windows, either. If your windows are smaller, keep them unobstructed for the maximum amount of light (and style).


Hide your junk! Nothing makes a small space look smaller than tons of clutter. Keep everything tucked away in cabinets and not on your kitchen counter.


Hang pots and pans, keep spices on shelves. Basically, clear up those counters!


The wall above your door doesn’t have to be wasted space. Maximize storage with bookshelves in this area.


In fact, every nook and cranny can become storage space–even that unused area underneath your stairs.


White walls and fixtures are your new best friend. Nothing says crisp and airy like simple white.


Maximize whatever outdoor space you have. If you have room to expand your day-to-day activities outward, do so.


Keep shelves next to your bed instead of a nightstand. Using a thin shelf as a headboard is a great way to stack books, lamps, and other nighttime necessities.


If you can’t have square footage, add height wherever you can. It makes all the difference in opening up a space.


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