How To Style A Bookshelf: 5 Simple Steps For An Organized, Artsy Display

Almost all of us have a bookshelf in our house. Even if yours is cluttered and over-packed right now, it doesn’t take much to transform it into a focal point for your house.

STEP ONE: Choose a color palette.

Your books may be a hodge podge of different colors and patterns, but you can still stick to a generalized color scheme. Neons, pastels, and especially neutrals look great when they are all grouped together. Adding a solid colored background the bookshelf pulls everything together.

As you can see, the books in the above picture are not matching in any way. But the accent pieces and bright tones pull everything together. Which leads me to my next step…

STEP TWO: Pick accent pieces.

Whether you want to use metallic or natural pieces, accents will turn your bookshelf from a jumble of books to a decorative piece of furniture in your house.

STEP THREE: Stagger your items

Don’t put all of your decorative pieces on one shelf and all the books shoved on another. You want to stagger you pieces. This blog post at Studio 7 Interior Design recommends staggering two decorative pieces on one shelf, then three below that, then back to two.

In addition to that above step, be careful not to cluster all your vases together and all your picture frames together. Stagger them throughout the entire bookshelf to create a cohesive, consistent look.

STEP FOUR: Remove clutter (or hide it!)

Baskets and cute boxes are the perfect way to hide unsightly items that you still want to store on your open shelf. It also helps to create a clean, organized look.

STEP FIVE: Stack those books!

It is a book shelf, after all. Don’t be afraid to turn books over on their side. It looks stylish and also allows you to add further decorative pieces!

There you go! Any bookshelf can now be a piece of art! Get organizing!


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